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Feel confident that a rented home is ideal for your needs or that you will find tenants in a timely manner.

Moving to a new home can be complicated, especially when you are looking for an apartment or a house that is ideal for your growing family, close to your work or offers interesting amenities. At Unifour Property Management LLC, our team of experienced professionals understands the rental market in Hickory and the surrounding areas so that you can feel confident that the property is exactly what you expected. Find a suitable property that fits your current and future needs.

Along with our expertise at finding the perfect property, our team of professionals go above and beyond for the residents that we assist. We can explain the local amenities, attractions and areas of interest so that you can feel confident that the property is exactly what you wanted before you move in.

Our services are not limited to helping residents find the appropriate property for their needs. We also provide services to property owners who may want more time to enjoy personal pursuits or to expand a real estate business. Our management services ensure that you will not need to worry about all of the small details associated with renting out an property so that you can focus on other tasks.

Allow our team of experienced professionals to handle the emergencies, finding tenants and management of your properties. We provide customizable property management services to fit your needs.